Friday, 27 May 2011


This module has been the one which I have been most excited to do yet the hardest to achieve something I'm pleased about I think this has been due to where I want to be as a designer therefore looking at a range of design context things which are what I believe are amazing! Therefore comparing myself to these has been something which doesn't please me and has made me realise how far I need to push my design practice and stick at it in order to be par within the industry. I have experimented more within image in this module I have enjoyed this and by doing the image module OUGD205 it has really excited me about graphic design again. I've currently been creating imagery using collage do to this brief I wanted to achieve a real personal feel to Adele's album cover as its a personal album talking about her previous relationships. I originally wanted to  screen print scarves as this would be mixing to of the areas of industry which I'm most interested in working for music and retail. As I have learnt from this brief in order to this time management is essential and as I have a slow start to the brief I wouldn't of had time to produce them to a standard I was happy with therefore after a progress crit with Lorraine she suggested I changed my whole idea and went with album artwork I wasn't pleased with this decision as I wanted to create something different and was excited about doing scarves as applying my designs to a different distributor method would really benefit my portfolio. Therefore I plan on taking up the opportunity to do this in third year. The YCN  brief was really good an I enjoyed working on a live brief and collaboratively I think we would have worked better if we spent more time designing in uni together rather than doing are own thing and then trying to get together to discuss what we had researched designed and brainstormed. As for writing out our contracts what each person would do it was more about picking up anything that needed doing which was good as we learnt different things. Another thing which I found to be interesting we would talk about our ideas and then mock them up separately and both come up with completely different things! which goes to show how our minds work differently I took control of visualising our ideas and brainstorming ideas we could have achieved a lot more from this and I had big ideas to recreate a shop window which we didn't achieve. Throughout the web design workshop I didn't think it would be for me I was afraid at the thought of coding a website, these fears were easily suppressed as Simon was so helpful and quickly explained you can mainly use the design side of the program yet for some things we would have to understand the code in order to achieve the full potential of the program was surprisingly easy once you had got the hang of it. After getting the basics done for my website I asked Simon to come and help me make the work page a little more complex and I wanted to this for the rest of the pages yet unfortunately dreamweaver crashed and lost all my pages and all my assets I had to start from scratch therefore my site is not as complex as I would have liked yet it functions and works properly I am pleased with my achievement and I have learnt a lot from this happening. I wish to design my own website with my work featuring on it and believe I will be able to do this now yet I want it to have more creative flare to show personality and my design views. I think all in all I leave a lot more time and get into the briefs right from the word go!

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