Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My top ten: I have decided to alter the title of my top ten slightly due to the target audience that im aiming to attract. Even though my subject matter stays the same and I am illustrating from the childrens books i'm not aiming the program to children so therefore i'm changing my title to classical animal books. The books that i Have illustrated are: Jungle book, Alice in wonderland, James and the giant peach, winnie the pooh, wind in the willows, charlottes web, Peter rabbit. I decided this was enough to illustrate as i didnt want to give away what all the top en were the other s i decided on but not to put into title sequence were: bambi, little red riding hood, watership down.

Final Title Sequence

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

My final 50s title sequence

I am pleased with my final result yet I would have liked to experiment maybe with ink splatters and different textures and shapes. In the end I didnt find it appropriate as I wanted simple designs.

Final Idents

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

Vimeo Test pieces


Throughout this module I have learnt that when designing for digital media time management is essential as files can easily be lost and not backed up, Also certain things that you think will take 20 mins soon turn into 3 hours sat at the computer. I have learnt a lot during this module on After Effects and would never have thought i would be able to produce the standard of work that I did. I incorporated hand drawn illustration into my Title Sequence and idents as a way of breaking the all digital module and i enjoyed this and would deffinatly practice this more as i developed a really nice style. Research for this module was mainly video and channel research which was a change from static imagery and I began to ask myself how have they achieved what they had and experimented with my own animation techniques. At first I struggled to see that it was design for screen and lost sight of how important hierachy of type was and layout. I produced all my animation characters before i realised that were out of the title safe and action safe ! which i have amended accordingly. As we didnt have any paper based assets other than my illustrations I have felt that i dont have any back up work yet I have done screen grabs and storyboards. I like the fact that there are so many restraints to do with after effects yet you have so much creative control also. I have chosen to make my illustrations not move smoothly as i was revisiting old story books i wanted a stop motion feel to the characters rather than a smooth running digitally coloured piece. There are many weaknesses within my final pieces which i have noted during the end of the brief i am very disappointed with the quality of my packaging and silly mistakes I have made that just are not acceptable for a Graphic Designer and will be reproducing this until I am satisfied. I spent too much time trying to perfect the idents and the title sequence and left the packaging if my time management was better I would have been able to test the designs out a range of times. I have decided if I put the same amount of time at the start of the brief as I do at the end I may be able to get more done efficiently.
The things which I will do differently next time are 1.Start the brief as soon as I get it, get really stuck in. 2. Dont lose sight of the brief 3. get designing as soon as possible 3. organise a time for blog posting! 4. All files used keep organised. 5. Spend more time on packaging ( crafting) to perfect it otherwise do no justice for all the design work.


Screen Grabs

My four idents are my favourite especially as i haven't used cuttings out of my title sequence for three of them there completely different animations gives a range and diverse as are they are so fluid and I had done a range of illustrations i thought that its better to use different ones rather than letting all the drawings not being used as they took me so long. i did a range of illustrations probably more than i should have as i spent a lot of time doing this thinking I would need them yet as it seems when animating image you don't need a lot to fill 50s . Why I chose BBC TWO i believe on BBC TWO are programs more suited to specific audiences with programs on there which arent soaps etc one off showings.

CD packaging

For  my packaging I want a more book design as its about books. ORiginally I was just playing around with the idea of using a published book and cutting the pages out and fitting my disk to it.

In the end I decided to Make my own book using mount board and used the book binding techniques which I had been taught in the first year.

GGRRR....just handed my work in nightmare! forgot to take pictures of final packaging design today hasnt gone well so far I have realised my front cover is now the wrong way when you put the design together!! :-( I will e re-doing this after this module! 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

Video test 2 with audio still a few adjustments to make.

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

First attempt at an ident: need more experimentation with the type faces but as an initial idea works ok :-)

Untitled from Rebecca Tipping on Vimeo.

This is my first test it doesnt have and audio on it as i forgot to click audio output in the render settings!! the type face at the end isnt one which i am going to use i want a more scriptive font. I need to go back into this video and change the positioning of a few of the charcters as they dont lie within the action safe! :-( more work to go yet think its getting there.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Ive been thinking of backgrounds for my animation ive tried out a few ideas such as tea stain i want to do an old book style lined paperold letters/ envelopes .brown cartridge paper newsprint ink splatters.

I was thinking with my characters being very sketchy and quite simple it would be nice to create abackground which was quite interesting to look at.

I could possibly even create scenes for each of the charcters from collage / paper cuttings this will be really interesting.

Colour schemes i want to keep quite earthy and textured

Books im researching

Alice in wonderland
Beatrix potter
Harry potter
Rohl dahl
Jaqueline Wilson
Enid blighton
Snow white
Little red riding hood
Fairy tales
Nursery rhymes
Treasure island
Wind in the willows
Chronicles of narnia
Wizard of oz
Jungle book
Peter pan
Winnie the pooh
Secret garden
The tiger who came to tea
The cat in the hat
Shirley hughes
Charlottes web
Quentin blake
Paddington bear
Black beauty

These are the book/stories i would like to research and select my top ten from. they all contain animals and are parts of my childhood things that i remember so therefore i think my target audience will be people of 20 years to 25years the program will be about the stories and highlights of what happened in the books films and brief interviews with author and illustrators.

What im thinking in terms of animating:
I want my animation just solely to be line drawings on a textured background old style stop motion images not a smooth fluid lines. the camera will take control of the story and the characters will be doing things to there nature / as seen in stores and films. I think i dont want to include type for the time being and don't believe you need to have type yet as the characters are very well known. if i do want to include some i will be doing very script writing along with hand drawn type.

Choosing a channel: I hadnt really thought much about this process before the crit with lorraine i need a channel to put my program on and the channel identity will need to be shown on the idents in order for the viewer to know when where they can watch it. after having thinking about this i began to research into what programs feature on each of the channels BBC one drama news mainly ITV soaps BBC THREE wierd series light hearted fun programs CHANNEL 4 series box set drama comedy BBC TWO random premieres one off shows i think this is where my program is best placed not very large target audience quite specific.

Looking at type and hierarchy:

Initially i wanted just to work with image for this yet all title sequences have type on them somewhere wether it was name of director or name of the program. i need to decide what type i wish to use im thinking of using a calligraphy typeface possibly be able to animate it writing across the page.  Here are some ive been looking at :


After re-visiting my design context blog it seems to have opened so many doors for me and ive finally realsied what im meant to be achieving with this brief ive been so closed minded on thinking how much ive not done and how much i need to do!! when all along ive been over complicating things in my head im a designier with designers block why was a shutting out all the information that id already gathered!! ive been getting so worked up about after effects as im not very confident on software yet what the brief asks is nohing ive not learnt from the workshops with mike!! this is a title sequence not an amazing flawless animation i need to concentrate in the titles otherwise what was all the research for?? Everything from my tutorials and briefings with fred has finally sunk in i need now to work out how not to waste the work ive already developed and begin developing MORE!! How can i pull this back round?

  1. What will be in my titles? book names that will feature.. do i want to give this away as its a TOP TEN?? probably not so possibly the illustrators of the book the graphic designer whos created it (MWAH) ha 
  2. Think of a simple pages?
  3. How to achieve handwritten type
  4. colour? what colours should i use as its quite a traditional piece creams n browns? ink splashes


story boards

Illustrations up to now!