Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What if?....

This brief was about solving an underlying problem within leeds. This brief had to be tackled by a group of people we got separated into groups and began discussing what we believed needed to be solved in Leeds. My group toyed with a lot of ideas for this and was going to go along the lines of homelessness and finding something to show them where they could go and get help throughout the year for food and warmth etc. Yet as we looked further into this another group was tackling the same idea so we decided to stop in our tracks and go down another route we then decided to look into generally people being happy! With a few key questionnaires we revised there was key parts of the day which people were at there downiest, often mornings!! We used an A-Board with the words "could you be happier?" on them and people tallied off on the board yes/no the majority answered yes it was difficult to solve this problem as everybody has different needs! So in the first crit we just decided to give sweets out and see what the reaction would be it went down a storm a little gesture made people smile. We did a further few questionnaires and came to believe anything free or funny would make people temporarily happy! We then went on to take photos of us handing out sweets on the streets and peoples reaction to this we made cards which had jokes on them too, i don't believe these worked as well as we thought they were pretty pointless if i was honest! We toyed with the idea of performing in front of a large group of people in our uni, yet cost of costumes and time it wasn't appropriate.

Throughout this project we all got given set tasks discussed over ourselves i decided to research the scientific facts around winter blues syndrome and chemical reactions in the brain when you laugh and smile. I also looked into happy songs feel good music and tested if it worked.

Our group handing out the sweets to the public and photographing their reactions:

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