Monday, 10 May 2010

speaking from experience

Feedback from crit:
Have to design the diary from scratch so got to deal with pagination issues!
Aimed more at girls need more practical solutions!

After speaking with John about my feedback he didnt agree with either of these comments and said it was fine!
I have worked out a resolution for the pagination issues I have decided to my diary ring binded so that i can PDF the pages and then hole punch them into place!

Other possibilities from the crit was to design a fold out poster for the wall something like a calender.
I was thinking I might do this anyway as an various product in the same style as my diary.

Things to go into the diary:

  • I am going to produce a page for months sept-jun/jul with illustrated pages.
  • Map of Leeds a sattelite view so can figure out where abouts you are
  • Illustrations of tutors know who to find rather than just having a name!
  • Otley run
  • Taxi cards cheapest numbers
  • mock ups of id card
  • photocopy card
  • to do lists
  • shopping list and money management pages
  • Lined note pages
  • Important access rooms in uni
  • List of common uni halls with post codes in leeds
  • Useful website page (for graphic designers)
  • Stickers
  • Sticky notes (post its)

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