Sunday, 22 November 2009

The third part of freds visual language lesson we learnt how influential colours can be to each other how they make one colour appear differently when placed onto another so throughout the lesson we had coloured paper and placed our objects onto these this time we had a few violet and the complimentry to this which was yellow we put them onto the coloured paper and took pictures of these. on the darker colours such as black the yellow appeared more luminous. These were the experiments we did...

visual language -with fred!

Fred did visual language talks concentrating on colour we all got different colours to collect i had to get 10 violet objects i got a range of shades in this colour. the group was then told to split up into groups together with the other people who had the same colour as we did. Then we were told to organise the items any way which we could my group chose to do dark to light we thought this would have the better effect when we had finished.

For the second part of this task we had to choose 10 objects from our collection we chose 10 extremeties of the colour range and fred talked about Pantone and then we had to get the exact colour from the Pantone swatches which he had.
No news is good news! Part 2 message and delivery.

I have struggled with this section of the brief as I work with hand rendered images therefore find it difficult when I have to do something of a more technical side. I also didn't like working with limitations such as 2 colours plus stock i am very experimental and find it hard to simplify my ideas find it looks boring and unattractive especially as i don't like working in this way. Once i had figured out how to put the net on the computer and make sure it was the correct size i then had to work with the problem of then adding the type which way it would read i had many issues with the final idea and ended up not very pleased with the final product. I need to explore more into different types of stock and need more practice printing what settings etc i need to be using as i have never professionally printed anything before.
No news is good news!

I received a brief which required me to get a newspaper from saturday 17th October and to pick an article from this which gave interest to me, i chose an article about a lipgloss which could test if you had had a drink spiked with a date rape drug. Initially i thought this would be a very interesting subject to begin with as I researched into this subject further I soon discovered there were floors in the advertisement they had made it seem as if u could discretely drip the lip gloss into the glass and then if the tip turned blue your drink had a date rape drug into it. Yet this was not the case you got test strips in the box with the lipgloss that tested for drugs you only got 5 and this wouldn't be worth the £9.99 that they were asking for the lipgloss in the first place. I went with the idea of the commercial lipgloss and made 3 posters yet they didn't work out as well as i thought so i limited the idea down to date rape alone and concentrated on this and re did the posters as i had already got statistics for the amount that accounted over the years.

Friday, 6 November 2009