Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This task was set to create a letterform using the boxes which we had collected at first we didn't know exactly what we were trying to achieve or what letterform to choose which would work the most effectively. We had an idea from the channel 4 adverts and how they create the number 4 in strange set ups high rise buildings hay bayles etc. then we were told we had to work with the shadows which completley confused the group! We decided we would try creating the letter E arranged the boxes a few times on took images through the view finder. Then we had black card and white then had to ciut and stick the card onto the boxes which made the letterform really clear!! why we arranged the boxes i have know idea if it was going to be made this obvious in the end we decided to make an L in the end it looked ok but our group find it hard communicating our ideas and really struggled with the understanding of the task.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009