Thursday, 26 May 2011

Design for web: ACTUAL NIGHTMARE!!! today just finishing off the main aspects of my website ready to just adjust things and make things a but fash when simon came over and lost all my work all the images and all the lonked pages including buttons!! what do you do?! day before deadline! well tell you what start from scratch!! :( wasnt happy and not completely satisfied with the final thing as I had to back track all the previous work I had done gutted . I managed to achieve a fully working website and thats all I could do really. Proud that I learnt a lot from the mishap felt more comfatable with using the program. 

As you run the curser over the images they turn into colour this was the hardest part about the design as there was a complex table it envolved making and importing the images at the exact sizes etc well worth it or something different though rather than just scrolling program which the website creates for you!

All the clients links to the websites of the companies: would officially show you what we have done for the company e.g website layout, logo etc.

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