Thursday, 26 May 2011

Choosing the imagery for my website I have decided just to take a colection  of work from my parnters in the enterprise group what everyone does was probably the best way to see what type of deisgn the company would do. 

Picture of the group I think I will crop this as looks quite boring as it is!

Website one! this one unfortunatly got lost as i was adding to it so simon said the easier way to do a new on night before hand in was to just do the smae as I knew what I had done he told me to go and speak to fred to see if i would be aloud to submit design sheets yet I decided to sit there and if anything design a website which would be simplistic yet functions! though tit was a better option.

Rollover image when roll over the faces spell LOVE little extra I thought makes more interactive :)

Most difficult thing about designing website was mosts things in design view arnt just as easy as draging images and moving text its all to do with the code and the height you need to type in for adding table etc. so you really need to understand the code in order to change things which is a good learning process i supose I will be returning to the program to make a website for my own practice even if i just design it and not  host it yet its something which will really benefit me and my work.

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