Thursday, 26 May 2011

These are the designs for the album artwork I have used the collage materials which i have collected and made a love heart all the objects relate to songs from the album 21. I dont paticularly like the violet i have used on this image it appears soft yet very girly maybe too girly. As i have found many men like this album also more for her voice rather than the meaning of her lyrics though! 

This design is a lot better the cream is very unisex and neutral yet still girly feel which i am mainly going for a personal design personal added touch from the album its about expressing her feelings for her ex and all things that she feels and wants to express te objects I have used within the deisgns I have decided on the brainstorms of the lyrics and looking for the deeper meanings from the lines she sings.

With the poster designs I went for aiming to get the meaning across of that particular song through image I had decided to laser cut the type out for a very vintage limited piece of art. Although i dont believe I have tome to get a laser print nduction and be able to print these out. Also from the knowledge I have it leaves a burn mark outline which I dont particularly want I dont want it to look purposefully old looking.

The photographs which I took were very crisp and I wanted it to be be like fine arty where as I found things which were deserted etc I had the idea of making them into polaroids they would look old or almost as it they were in her box where they kept things from the relationship one of the lyrics where like photgraphs you left behind remind me of you..

These posters were trying and testing the typefaces and size and layout.

This collage was one of the favourite ones I produced and did most of it digitally which I wish I would have done with them all as they were hard to edit once I had scanned them in I couldnt remove things and change them. This posters has much more of an aesthetic image purpose rather than a meaningful one although it has made me realise how much I enjoy image making and can see designs like these in retail for T-shirts hopefully in riverisland/ topshop one day :) tooo excited. I have finally got a real taste for this brief!

Changing the opacity automatically gives this a soft feel delicate things like her heart and her life situation at the time.
The lyrics dont you remember relate to the tea party almost as if they knew each other since they were little remember the good times.

I dont think this type face is fitting with this type of image I need something a little stronger.
Making it more into album artwork due to the cropping of the image much more seems to be going on within side the frame and suddenl its coming together the 21 has been lightened so its more of an important feature to the design and the adele works best jet black stands out.
The adele works best top right as its after the 21 therefore links both type together I have decided to add these to the T-shirts as I think it would work better rrather than it being artwork from my research of the current t-shirts which are fashionable and selling in the shops.

Final Tshirt design all is good when i think i would purchase this!! really makes me proud to have designed it as I rarely feel this way about my work. Excited to do more for retail including tags vouchers etc.

I tried to apply the designs to bags etc and I dont think this works at all therefore I wont continue to develop this type of work. Otherwise I would need more design time to develop the whole collection of in store maerial.

The beginning process of collage work.

I was thinking about developing things for the walls of the store near the section for her album or even could be used in shop window I thought about using vintage frames and antique looking wall paper.
Experimenting with white walls and vectored quick shapes obviously would be much more smoother than these are yet i was jusr trying and I dont think this works a all!! I think i need to change the wall base colour so the frames dont look so much as if there just plonked there!

Actually love this design! things are looking up and im tryin and testin new designs and gettin inspiration from other things ive done love the colours used here and really chuffed with the outcome :) too happy at this point.

Adding the album name to the design to see what works best as I like the style of this Im thinkin I want to change all the poster and especially album artwork to something very similiar yet I dont think I have the time for this as Its late in the design stage when I have cropped up on this just by trying different things wish i would have done this earlier. 

Putting things into context could this work as the artwork?! 

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