Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mac workshop whats wrong with the design?!

1.Should have been resized in photoshop!

2.Not made into a CMYK image in photoshop

3. No bleed on the first page

4.RGB colour made as a spot in indesign! wont print

5. Used registration mark as black colour over the ink limit

6. too low resolution only 72 should be 300

7. No links to the image not in the source folder
8. Eight colours where the image only is a 5 color print job


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Designs what is good

Beginings of illustrations for what is good

Designs for 3 Packaging

Wrap it up designs

what iVe learnt from this... the way you present your final  product in photographs and on displays has a major impact on how you visualise it i went for these hand drawn illustrations as i wanted to keep it close to the greggs tea room rebrand in the end ive decided not to use these illustrations as on packaging i dont thin they look corporate enough for what i want to produce. 

These were my wrap it up designs i chose to illustrate them to see how the process woud turn out when printing them i had my main difficulty when tring to print on the parcel paper and to be fair the black didnt turn out as deep as i would have chosen as it isnt a cmyk colour i will keep this in mind when i next do a design. the paper used wasnt the best for packaging also card is much better maybe if i wanted this colour i could try alternative ways such as print the colour or mount onto card afterwards. i enjoyed working with hand drawn type and maybe when i improve my photoshop skills i will be able to brighten the colours making them far more vibrant.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Type workshop

Type workshop i wasnt really looking forward to if i was honest but the way it was taught like the type had personality and tone of voice made me look at it differently. I enjyed working with hiearachy of type which my expamples are below and this was about how you can control where you want the reader to look and read first i like learning about pyschology of design and how we can change what people thin or do! Fitting text into a grid and columns wasnt my favpurite thing but expereimenting with leading and pt size will be usefull to me in the future.