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For the vans brief i have decided to go with the more sophisticated simple block colour circle logos and do a layout booklet. the clothes tags and some promotional window posters... I want to use original vans photography and change the layouts colours to see fit.


I need to do wrapping paper and ive made the covers for notebooks I plan on doing so more products such as tree decorations and mugs.

Salad cream

promotional material and packaging Im running with a few ideas at the moment so need to see which is best going to be play on words and image based very light hearted and fun designs 












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Looking wether to change the type face for a better fitting to the young modern target audience. Yet Now i dont see it as much of an issue seeing as its never effected the Tomato ketchup brand/

Looking at fitting colour schemes

I have decided to vecotorise some food that is highley i complimented by the sauce. I realise that tis has been done before its not unique but I have wanted to improve my illustrator skills and also can be used for surface pattern for sandwich wrapping greese-proof papers

Well taken me longer than I thought to do this!!As  I didnt want them too detailed thought it would be a quick turn around thing to do... I have the selection that I want to use now so all done need to repeat a pattern now and print onto stock.

Unsure how im going to answer the brief still ive been mind mapping lots of ideas and I  think its helped by starting to design something! when i see someone has done little vectors i always think there really effective so im proud of my set and ive learnt how to create them! 

Im thinking just as a quick experiment to try a little bit of humour give the veg/meat personalities and asking to be smothered by this tangy sauce! HA

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Having chose the Heinz brief from YCN I have began doing some ideas on design sheets Being in the target sector of the brief I thought I could relate to this brief the best from the selction yet its prooving quite difficult as the brief is basically outlining what theyhave done to rebrand there mayonnaise! Therefore coming up with something promotional that hasnt been done before is quite difficult! I have began some artwork just start off my thinking proccess as I work much better with imagery I have started doing vectors of the produce which best goes with salad cream I am going to play around with composition and some packaging ideas with these to try spur some inspriation. I think I need to think of some imaginitive and quite outrageous ideas and then tone them down afterwards to really see where i could go with this.....Its all about the experience when tasting heinz and the fact it can go with any foods. 

Remembering a promotional technique from tomato ketchup was to colour the sauce green as a protional technique tapping into what people think they can see and what they are actually tasting ( same prduct) point is it got everybodying talking about the product1 WHICH IS WHAT WE WANT!! 
New direction for the paperchase brief I have decided on a theme of christmas now I need to think of imagery for this I am unsure of the style I have a sector which I need to fit in with very hand craft cards/ merchandise yet need my designs to appeal more than the others on the shelves....From visiting the store things thats are important to them are:

  • Size the cards have to be small A5 or smaller in order to fit on shelves none of them have tacky large cards!
  • The packaging of the cards high standard cellophane wrapped 
  • Designs mainly aimed at women aged 18-26 from what I saw
  • Merchandise isnt over complicated note books etc are just covered with blank pages.

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The Student Awards centre on a collection of live creative briefspresenting modern communication challenges.

Get the young eating Heinz Salad Cream again!


Heinz Salad Cream was the first brand to be developed exclusively for the UK market by the HJ Heinz company in 1914, it took 8 years to perfect! The brand has been a UK favourite for almost 100 years. From the 1920s to the 40s, Heinz Salad Cream had it all its own way: it was simply the only salad dressing on the market. During the Second World War, it was particularly popular, giving the often bland wartime foods more flavour.
But times change... new dressings and seasonings became available and the growth of foreign travel inspired people to try new food! Salad Cream, a treasured taste of the past, now had real competition.
Consumers expanded their sauce consumption to include mayonnaise and other salad dressings and the fortunes of Heinz Salad Cream started to decline. By the 1990s it was clear that the brand needed some fresh thinking and impetus, or due to declining sales Heinz may have to stop making Salad Cream. This news was met with a huge public outcry of affection for the brand ‘save our salad cream’ so plans were reversed.
Later that year Heinz Salad Cream received a new bottle shape reminiscent of the 1914 original as well as quirky advertising across TV, radio and posters, and an interactive website. Since then other memorable campaigns from the brand have been the sponsorship of Emmerdale (2006), Ladybugs Picnic TV advert (2008) and Gran TV advert (2010).
More recently Heinz Salad Cream has been included as part of the ‘It Has To Be Heinz’ TV and radio commercials. Heinz Salad Cream is still the ‘Original Tangy Taste’ that makes it one of Britain’s best-loved sauces.
From a goodness perspective, Original Heinz Salad Cream is at least 50% lower in fat than the standard mayonnaise market leader, has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is rich in Omega 3. The company launched its first ever flavoured salad cream in July 2010 – Lemon and Black Pepper, which expanded its usage to chicken and tuna. A second new flavour – Cucumber and Dill was launched in March 2011, delicious with burgers and fish. Both have brought in new salad cream fans and brought modernity to this heritage brand.

The creative challenge

Today Heinz Salad Cream holds a special place in many people’s hearts as a brand they remember from their childhood; happy carefree summer days. The unique tangy sauce adding taste to favourites like cheese and cold meat sandwiches and salads.
However, over the years as food choices have become more varied and there are more sauce alternatives on the market, many consumers have slowly forgotten about Heinz Salad Cream. Recent research has shown that some consumers perceive it as being old fashioned and less versatile/relevant than other sauces. Although the product is very widely stocked in supermarkets some consumers struggle to find it when dining out (it’s not often found in caf├ęs or pubs) and as a result it’s not at the forefront of many people’s minds.
What we do know is that when people try it, they really love the taste of Heinz Salad Cream and start buying it again! We need to re-engage consumers to remind them of the great taste Heinz Salad Cream has. Our challenge is to get more 18-29 year olds eating Heinz Salad Cream, a young consumer market who may favour mayonnaise instead or haven’t eaten salad cream for years. We want to embed new eating behaviours for Heinz Salad Cream, making it more relevant for ‘today’s’ foods e.g. pizza, chips/potatoes, chicken and fish, sandwiches, wraps or as a dip. Mayonnaise adds moisture to food where salad cream adds both moisture and taste.


Develop a creative campaign that attracts young people to Heinz Salad Cream, encouraging them to eat it on or with ANY of their favourite foods. Reinforce the message that Heinz Salad Cream is a tasty and versatile sauce for today.

Creative Requirements

Get young people to either discover or rediscover the brand. Generate excitement around this unique quirky brand and engage consumers through upbeat/fun messaging. Get young people talking about Heinz Salad Cream again and be proud to say that they eat it!
The idea can take any format you feel appropriate. It would be ideal to have the potential to work across all manner of channels (new and traditional media, packaging, new products ideas, even the name is up for grabs!). Feel free to incorporate the Heinz Salad Cream Keystone logo, ‘It Has To Be Heinz’ logo and images of our packs into your work where appropriate. All assets can be found in the project pack.

Target Audience

18-29 year old adults, who are looking to add taste/tang to their favourite foods and sandwiches. They are an up-beat and sociable bunch, who love their food.

Brand Benefits

Heinz Salad Cream adds a unique zing to food.


Heinz to be used in capital letters. Creative/campaign must have food values (but not high brow food). Creative/campaign brings modernity to the brand. The ‘It has to be Heinz’ logo is also included in the brief’s project pack. If you wish to use this, please note that it shouldn’t be used as a standalone logo, but rather within a sentence/context, eg. To zing up your sandwich ‘It has to be Heinz’.

Some Links

Read all about us at our site (, or become a Facebook fan ( and chat with other fans who adore the taste of Heinz Salad Cream.

Previous TV advertising links:

Deliverables, Artwork and Additional Information

For guidance on how to submit your work please adhere to the main deliverables information in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack.

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Develop a piece of communication, or a campaign, to increase brand awareness of Peacocks


Peacocks is one of the UK’s leading value fashion retailers offering clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children.
Peacocks was founded in 1884 by Albert Frank Peacock. From the mid-1990s onward Peacocks experienced significant development and growth, with a greater emphasis on fashion, which helped to propel the brand into today’s market.
Currently, Peacocks has over 600 stores in the UK and 112 international stores. The majority of UK stores are in secondary locations on local high streets or in small shopping centres.
Peacocks’ stores can be broken down into 11 Fashion stores, which are in prime locations such as St David’s Centre in Cardiff and Metro Centre in Newcastle. There are 220 Concept stores (these stores have the new black fascia) and 353 Main Chain stores, which still have the old fascia with the purple and yellow logo. Peacocks also has 6 concessions in Morrison’s, 27 concessions in Co-operative stores and 1 Alliance concession store.
As Peacocks grows so does the support for its company mission: “to be the best value for money clothing retailer, always delivering outstanding customer service.”
In 2009 Peacocks launched its Pearl Lowe range, shifting the company to a new position in the market. Since then the brand has grown in reputation, picking up a number of new fashion-inspired customers. Peacocks continues to strengthen its fashion credentials with more Pearl Lowe ranges, also involving Pearl Lowe’s daughter, model Daisy Lowe.
In the early part of 2011, Peacocks introduced the ‘Boutique’ Collection – which, as well as encompassing the Pearl Lowe range includes ‘Peacocks by Design’, a catwalk-inspired premium womenswear range and several bought-in brands.
Peacocks’ transactional website was launched in late 2007 and currently has a database of over 200,000 customers and over 55,000 Facebook fans.

The challenge

To increase brand awareness of Peacocks and enhance Peacocks’ fashion  credentials, without excluding the existing ‘family’ customer. This may involve using above the line marketing channels, such as devising an advertising or digital campaign, sponsorship, or through below the line marketing activity, including PR, window schemes/displays, promotions, in-store point of sale and packaging.

Target Audience

Women and men between the ages of 18-45, who:
  • Are price conscious
  • Fashion orientated
  • Need clothes to be functional
  • Seek value prices and good offers
  • Follow trends
  • Seek quality
  • May have families and are not just buying for themselves
You may want to focus on a specific customer group within the target audience or create a campaign that has broader appeal.


Suggested preparation might include store visits and an assessment of the website.

Deliverables, Artwork and Additional Information

For guidance on how to submit your work please adhere to the main deliverables information in the Student Awards section of the YCN website. Any additional supporting information referenced in the brief can be found in the supporting project pack.


Brief: Design  range for paperchase stores with a unique style and collection

                          High end store, VEry hand made feel to        
                          most of the stock.size cards have to fit                into the allocated slots in store,Light-hearted illustrations

Mandatory Requirements:Christmas theme
                       All range has to have a certain style 
                       Create at least 5 products for store 
                       A range for 16-25 year old women

Deliverables:Note book, cards, wrappping paper, Storage Boxes,Crackers, Tree Decorations, Lamp/Candle Shades,Advent Calendar.

Really excited about this brief it is a self set and can really show my illustration skills I wish to work for somewhere freelance in the same sector of the industry. Undecided on media yet at intitial stages I wouldnt want it to stand to much apart from the original cards they sell because they have a specific market niche  high end card store

Brief: Promotional packaging for the surf range of VANS shoes

               fitting in with the famous VANS brand,
               target audience

Mandatory Requirements: Must be able to have in stores,
                        contain the VANS logo

Deliverables: poster, shoe care products, shoe box, voucher card. carrier bag

More vans continue design sheets 

For this broef I am required to design a collection to be sold in paperchase stores I am unsure wether to do visually appealing cards and merchandise or something which is theme led and create a range of images to that theme such as mothers day good luck sympathy etc..

Style of imagery want to prduce although I would like a mix media therefore may add colour digitially or even screen print my designs.
 Original worksheets ideas