Wednesday, 12 October 2011

To start this brief off ive been looking at ways to illustrate surf without being too literate and obvious Ive started with doing illustrations representing waves and some under the see creatures to add to the linear drawings. when placing them together though ive been having a little diffuculty and think if i want to work in this way I need to draw the actual final thing as I want it to appear. Hard to piece little parts together as its so fluid. 
I also started experimenting with some type to see it it works digital with hand drawn im a little unsure unless I have planes separating the two such as in a window display so ne would appear on the window and one be the backdrop. I like thinking in this manner as Im working to the requirements of where im designing for as appose to designing then applying to wherever fits.

What to test:
  • WHere they require graphics? Look in store.
  • What im designing for?
  • Does the style fit with the store and original graphics for skate sector etc
  • Colour?
  • Are the graphics High end enough biggest brand in skate!

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