Saturday, 20 March 2010

Visual Language English Lesson.

Noun: Name/ Object
Adjective: Describing Word
Verb: Doing Word/ Action
Pro Noun: He, She, Actual Name e.g Becky

He is running
He is running for the bus
He is running for the bus quickly

1st Person- I will
2nd Person- You
3rd Person- He she it

1st Person Plural- We did/Will
2nd Person Plural- You
3rd Person Plural- They
Personal Pro Noun- Where the person becomes the object e.g 'Could you give HIM the paper?"

Possesive Personal Pro-noun Mine e.g "That dog is MINE!"

Demonstritive Pro-noun That These e.g "Can you pass me THAT?"

Relative Pro-noun: Who/ Whom

When you describe a verb it becomes an adverb e.g "She danced BEAUTIFULLY" <--- ADVERB

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