Monday, 22 November 2010

These are all the products which ive designed for this print module i found that once you have the basis for a brand it just needs to be applied to a range of products:

 Above design ready to print onto parcel paper and need to emboss greggs onto the wrapping then will be rolled up into cellophane to keep neat.

 This is the design for a bag it will be made and folded by myself from brown paper most excited about this product!

Cake box net i have used the original net from greggs which they already use i did this to try and keep the cost down as they would be budgeted i have tried to rebrand the shop without strething methods too much trying to show how powerful packaging colours and type can be to affect the first ipressions of a place.
 Take away cup net
 sandwich card net be glued onto a cellophane wrapper.
 A range of stickers

Tag for tea box attacthed to string
 Tea box net with this i tried a simple net with a bit of a gift box feel to its close

 Tea labels attacthed to tea bags

Grease proof paper to line the cake box and wrapper for cakes.

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