Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Throughout this module i have researched tried and tested and read so much infomation it was almost as if a new world has opened for me I have became aware of the benifits and pit falls of design production for print. I have gained so much knowledge to genral aspects ideas and restrictions of the printing process, and came along way from where i've started after all the hard work Im happy with what i've produced. I have gained new software skills on programs such as photoshop and especially adobe illustrater where ive created nets and labels to a professional standard. Most importantly i have gained so much confidence and feel as if i know what and how to approach a printers with my appropriate artwork ready to print. Visting a printers helped me not be so nervous about going to them with my designs it all seemed so daunting when you thought of it but they were so relaxed and human just as i am!  
The way in which ive produced the rebrand for greggs ive taken into consideration there budgeting and not gone too crazy with my designs, although i would have liked to tried out some of the finishing techniques such as flocking, spot varnishes, foil blocking. These really give an interaction element to the designs which i favour a lot about the production for print. The production manual text by ambross/ harris really is a maual the lyout of this book and the techniques and instructions are equally layed out and i have learnt alot from this book i will continue to read upon such texts in the future they really do help.  all in all my designs are to a corporate level and i would be happy to pitch this for greggs i have achieved the luxuary aura through the designs without a arge cost change. How packaging/colour/type can change the first impressions of a place i find interesting and want to apply this knowledge to other products/ companys.
If i was to do this module again i would have researched into further aspects of tea rooms and possibly not things directly associated with this such as tea. Go for something far more quirky and apply humour within my designs lighthearted approach.
I am so happy with the knowledge that  have gained and the fact that i am practising this everyday throughout my design practice just makes me want to learn and know more. I will deffiantly be designing things for commercial print in the future exploring finishes,stocks and how layout can affect the interation element. I believe after this print module i want to design things more professionally and to a higher standard pushing things to a higher standard of design making people design to what people want. 

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