Monday, 22 November 2010

As you can see im still testing out variations of the design my thought process has vaired so much with these designs all that has really fixed is i want the typeface in black it has been so helpful to see all the diffferent styles though and by sitting there chnging things around really helps you to achieve its full potential! the logos below that i have tried came from a crit which took place yesterday people suggested  moving the squares into a line or in a circle. originally i thought it was very important to keep the squares we'l see!!

Lorraine came and seen me today and said i have to try and fit the logo into some square grid because it looks visually correct when placed on various products....soon to be the most valuable little tuition RULERS
 on the adobe programs really help with measurements and aligning!! THANKS :-)

Ive thought asbout adding te room to my logo as thats the part which im adding to greggs so ive stated this i love the logo now really looks professional flowing and corporate! 

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