Thursday, 4 November 2010

today in james print session he gave us a little online hue test to see how well our eyes can distinguish between different colours mine? obviously very well !

James session was very helpful and quite daunting at the same time! He told us about how printer colours adjust from one printer to another and how paper stocks can effect colours also. How to assign a colour profile before you start the document this means if you do this your selecting the stock at the start and therefore all your colours you add to the design will deffinatly be able to print! He also colour collaborated (spyder3 utility) my screen on my laptop to ensure the colours i see when designing are going to be the closest things to the colours that print!! handy tool as when i was printing my boards a girl got some colours she wasnt expecting during a 10M print run another expensive mistake! He spoke about the gammut ranges and how RGB can achieve a bigger range due to the light from the screen also achieve brighter colours! 

There are 16.7 million colours in the spectrum! 
By going into your hardrive yu can see the science behing the colours and how they are achieved very complex!

Edit-context-destination space click preview
Intent (how to convert and what to do with the colour that can be printed)
ALWAYS use perceptual/ reletive colour metric
DONT USE: absolute colour metric/ saturation
these let the printer decide how to change colours nightmare results

Also using the gammut warning on photoshop lets you see which of the colours you have applied cant actually be applied using the cmyk sytem colour profiles.

Edit-assign profile
Edit-colour-recolour artwork

This changes all artwork apropriatly instead of having to go and change each indviudal section as you would in photoshop good for a complex vector pattern as will do it for you! 

In design.

Have to ensure each image is in CMYK by checking down the links palette. 
otherwise printer will work in cmyk AND rgb and therefor will just get all confused and begin to print whatever colours it thinks is needed!


when you export - output-colour conversion - convert to destination
profile inclusion- include destination profiles- choose profile

If you ensure you do this then when you take you artwork to a different computer the PDF retains the colour profile information youve been working to and wont choose the closest on to this or even a completely different one all together! 

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