Monday, 22 November 2010

I have learnt that all images should be sized correctly and rotated in photoshop before moving into in-design. JPEGS are ok to use yet psd/tiff files are better. here in this box i was checking for yellow warning boxes to see if i need to update my links and checking all the images are in CMYK mode and actual PPI of the image all these are vital for printing process! could be a expensive mistake!

Pre-flight check showing no errors within the document :-) RESULT!!

Testing out different styles trying to make my products stand out within the busy cafe.

My boards what a NIGHTMARE! no matter how long i tried to sort these i found it really difficult 
yet with the skills i had learnt from our in design workshop helped me to resolve these issues. i had took snap shots of the issues which occured such as missing links to fonts-packaging the file stops this issue and it is good practice to keep all the files used in the document in one folder. i was also struggling to put y products into context i designed this till and desk in illustrator yet decided to use an original photograph and photoshop my products onto the image.

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