Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Speaking from experience

These are the latest things I have done to go into my diary unfortunately the digital print room was fully booked so I couldn't print onto sticker paper for the stickers below but you get the general idea so I will be adding them just on normal paper for now and possibly finishing at a later date quite ironic how im creating a diary for organisation yet cant get in the print room to finish my own project! in the crit we was explained that we have to create various products or propose to them I thought the stickers and cards etc would be classed as a product in there own right yet I am unsure so I will be creating proposal for a memo board similiar to a calender with all the details about the course and what goes on day to day such as workshops I believe this would be helpful and I would use it may even end up printing it as a final yet!! Heres the idea for it below:

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