Tuesday, 25 May 2010

final Design:


For this brief we got names pulled out of a hat and that person would then follow to be your partner my partner was Sam Wallbank I have been paired up with him before for the last partner brief ! regardless we tried to get to know more about each other i find it quite difficult to get information from sam as he is quiet in the class room environment and seems to close up when discussing things about himself some would say modest! We set off answering each others questions, firstly i asked him what tone of voice he would like the feature of him in he replied it didnt matter things were getting difficult so i proceeded to ask him about things he has enjoyed doing he told me he went on a lads holiday in the summer and i could do his article on that. when asking questions about what he got up to i wasnt getting ay inspiration or excitement out of him immeadiatly i wasnt best pleased about starting this brief! I went for weeks thinking of ideas of layouts i could achieve with this infomation:

Subject matter: SPAIN
  • lads holiday
  • highlight of his holiday was jumping in the pool fully clothed.
  • went for 10 days
  • recomend for people to stay there
  • 15 lads went
  • chill out drink all day
  • loves going abroad
  • relaxed
  • expensive
  • favourite holiday
The lads that went with him:
  1. Sam
  2. george
  3. tom w (westy)
  4. ben
  5. bene
  6. tom r (reidy)
  7. tom c (clarky)
  8. calum
  9. charlie
  10. james (woody)
  11. jack t
  12. jack f
  13. edd
  14. josh
with no more infomation i asked for him to send me some photos of the occasion which never happened i couldnt go any further with the brief! We needed another interview and QUICK!!

After speaking with sam today i told him i couldnt get anywhere further with the brief without some photos so would i be able to change the subject matter and have another interview he was more than helpful and sat down with me straight away :-)

I have been told by his best friend Ben he was into running and should ask more about that as he is passionate about what he does so thats the route i was willing to take with him.

Heres the results from second interview:
  • He runs for his home club Bedford
  • He also runs for the county Bedfordshire
  • sister runs for england
  • Started main interest at 12-13 at school long distance cross country
  • Runs with leeds university whilst hes at uni
  • first race for inter-county was when he was 13
  • runs the 800 meters to 10'000 meters!!
  • favourite year to watch olympics Beijing
  • Wanted to go into the olympics as a runner when he realised the dream of a professional footballer was not going to happen!
  • Has a sporty family
  • dad competes in triathlons james works as a park ranger in the day
  • Mum is a P.E teacher plays netball and jogs karen
There seem to more enthusiam about this subject so i deffinatly knew i was on the right track with what i was about to design for him.

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