Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Design is about doing- VOGUE

For the vogue brief it was our first live brief and i found very exciting!! yet i always was feared of getting my work out there and once i did my first piece was going to something which i was pleased with. as we only had a week i began visually experimenting in a sketchbook with tone of voice layout and colour as the brief didn't clearly sate what vogue meant it was pretty open to anything i brainstormed all my ideas what vogue meant to me and what i thought of when someone would say the words a range of things came out of this the magazine, beauty, madonna. I have always been interested in exploring fashion illustration so immediately was going to do something girly and desirable. Here were some of the experiments which i tried before settling on my final three for the crit. I wanted to create something which was hand rendered as i LOVE illustration techniques this year ive really just been trying to find my style how i like working and potentially where i want to be as a designer in the second year of my degree. I have found it quite difficult because i have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone not trying to do what i know i already can and this has proved hard because ive not been 100 % pleased with all my work as final resolutions. Yet first year is for making mistakes and next year i plan on developing the skills i brought from foundation art use of the sewing machine and paints and using that with the digital processes.

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