Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Brief: Design  range for paperchase stores with a unique style and collection

                          High end store, VEry hand made feel to        
                          most of the stock.size cards have to fit                into the allocated slots in store,Light-hearted illustrations

Mandatory Requirements:Christmas theme
                       All range has to have a certain style 
                       Create at least 5 products for store 
                       A range for 16-25 year old women

Deliverables:Note book, cards, wrappping paper, Storage Boxes,Crackers, Tree Decorations, Lamp/Candle Shades,Advent Calendar.

Really excited about this brief it is a self set and can really show my illustration skills I wish to work for somewhere freelance in the same sector of the industry. Undecided on media yet at intitial stages I wouldnt want it to stand to much apart from the original cards they sell because they have a specific market niche  high end card store

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