Sunday, 13 November 2011

Looking wether to change the type face for a better fitting to the young modern target audience. Yet Now i dont see it as much of an issue seeing as its never effected the Tomato ketchup brand/

Looking at fitting colour schemes

I have decided to vecotorise some food that is highley i complimented by the sauce. I realise that tis has been done before its not unique but I have wanted to improve my illustrator skills and also can be used for surface pattern for sandwich wrapping greese-proof papers

Well taken me longer than I thought to do this!!As  I didnt want them too detailed thought it would be a quick turn around thing to do... I have the selection that I want to use now so all done need to repeat a pattern now and print onto stock.

Unsure how im going to answer the brief still ive been mind mapping lots of ideas and I  think its helped by starting to design something! when i see someone has done little vectors i always think there really effective so im proud of my set and ive learnt how to create them! 

Im thinking just as a quick experiment to try a little bit of humour give the veg/meat personalities and asking to be smothered by this tangy sauce! HA

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