Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I have began looking into colours and how the work with my illustrations I want to keep them quite toned though yet thought it would be nice to incorporate the colours from the best selling shoes. By these experiments I think there far to bold and wont be using the colour range in this manner yet may be able to use the information gathered with something else wether its colour of stocks or possibly the stickers to attach posters together a very plain set of designs with brightly coloured stickers would look really modern could define the sections of the store...EG red-skate blue-surf etc 

Couours int he right are completely fitting with the vans brand the burgundy and blues work well together maybe change the opacity so they are less bold and vibrant and use them within layout and titles. Male range is perfect!


I needed to move my project on a little further so i have began by starting some products therefore I can show them just to show style of work which Im presenting this is the net which Im using slightly modified for a voucher card. The type on pack is hand drawn using internet fonts as inspiration. I think hand drawn gives a much more relax feel to the brand yet can still look contemporary and up market.
I mocked up examples of the bright stickers idea yet I dont think they really show my visions I need to purchase some really high end stock and colours need to be brighter! Lots more work really needs to be put into this 
The designs are for labels for a shoe care product which would be placed on/behind the till availabe when you buy shoes. Could have offers on things like this 

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