Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Evaluation OUGD301
I have enjoyed this module although I found it very stressful mostly due to poor time management or the fact I was indecisive on choosing a direction to take the project therefore tried lots of different concepts. Looking back on this I should have explored the concepts in much more detail as I could have spent more time getting the graphics up to a standard I was pleased with. My final products are not something which I am entirely satisfied with and I have learnt that I need to give myself more time at the end of the brief concentrating on different stocks and methods of delivery. At this stage of the degree program I can see my design work has developed a lot since I started yet I still feel i’m not at the level I wish to be I know I can do better I need to really push the boundaries and take advantage of the workshops and materials that I can access at university. I have the potential to have pieces of work in my portfolio that I possibly wont be able to create when I finish. I have attended the laser cutting workshop this module and experimented with foil blocking which I haven't done before learning about these processes has opened my mind to other design considerations.I think printing processes are really simple and are very effective to use, I would like to produce a range of posters exploiting each processes. For this module I have written my own briefs I dont think this works quite so well for me and I dont explore the brief to its full potential as I have a tendency to tweak things and have a set idea of what kinds of things I want to produce before writing the briefs. I like having certain constants within a within a brief guidelines to stick to. I also want to get more involved in live briefs doing designs which have a set deadline, in order to build on my time management and see my work more online in shops etc. My most surpirsing brief in this module was the vans I began by doing lots of illustration Lorenzo helped me step back from this I was creating lots of detailed illustration with no apllication for them, I got stuck down with the brief and lost in the end I went back to the start re evaluating what vans was about how high end it was and actually designed something which was influenced by photography layout I loved it! again given more time to print and consider the stocks that I would have used this could be something even better. In terms of design though im aesthetically impressed by it. The heinz brief is one which I wasnt too impressed with I am going to re work this idea for the competition submission as im just not satisfied with the final products. Over all the module didnt go as well as I had promised myself yet I have learnt not to make the same mistakes for my FMP which for me this was the test to see at what level and pace I need to be working at at this level of the program.

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