Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Alphabet Soup: Design Principles

1st Presentation:

Monday the 29th the morning consisted of a presentation lead by Fred he taught about the basic principles of typography and how it came about we looked into some history of when it became a thing which would change how the world would see and read. I found it very interesting as type isn't something which i have looked into much on previous courses. We got given a handout which pointed out what makes a type different from the next and how it has been sculptured. I learnt key features of a typeface such as where the stem, leg and stroke are situated and also important key features like counter the counter i found interesting because I would never look at type or try and create a new type in this way although i have been taught negative drawing of an object.

Task one:

After the presentation we all returned back to the studio with Amber we were told to get out our research task from the summer brief in groups we had to combine all of our letterforms we needed to choose a way in order to group the letters together we chose to do them alphabetically. This was time consuming and to do it in this way we would need to do all the letters in the alphabet we should have chosen another way in order to make the most out of this exercise.

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