Monday, 1 February 2010

Collect 100

For the collect 100 project i have decided to look at textures. this was relevant because i think they are interesting to work wih as everything has a texture! looking into textures initially i thought i would be dealing with physical textures but after researching into this there are many programs which you can create visual textures. To relate this into my design practice work i will be developing 4 books each with a different subject involving textures they all will be observational studies of the textures. I will be cutting a window from the pages to keep the work in small sections so they look more professional. i have made some design desicions about how the book will fold out i plan on doing a concetina due to the fact the subject is something which you interact with and a believe this fold pushes this idea forward. I want to work in a mix media way with the use of photography papers drawings etc.


  1. so have you explored the extremes of what textures you can print onto and actually bind, like for instance would it be possible to print type onto the surface of a tea-bag with the letterpress or screen-printing facilities and then bind it into on of the four books.....

    or take foil or something metallic.. if the books are about textures then surely the more physical textures in their the better? i'm thinking carpet/flocked wallpaper sample books...the way they manage to compile many textures into a similar format, standardised in a sense, even if the only similarity throughout your collection is that they measure 100mm x 100mm to fit in with the brief?

  2. I really like this idea of printing onto the tea bags and other textures! i am standardising the size of each image and the pages will have a cut out window and the images are going to be placed at the back of them . I wanted to explore will letterpress and other printing techniques yet i am struggling to use these facilities as i have not yet completed my elective in this area yet i cannot use drop in! Thank you for your comment you have opened a wide range of possibilities for me to go on and explore.