Friday, 8 October 2010

Looking at design differently

Today we had a short seminar with fred i learnt how to look at design differently using certain words to analayse a product and using the knowledge of printing techniques we could do a thorough analsing and really come to terms and understand how we can achieve certain finishes to a product and how they would be printed.

We had been asked to bring in certain things for the session to look at: Publication, Product, Packaging

Jakes Bar-Drinks menu (Publication)

Content and catergorisation
*Drinks list
*Catorgorised into cocktails 1920's

Form and format

Product and range
*Drinks menu and a food menu

Media and processes
*foil blocking
*litho printing process

Audience and interaction
*Flick through the pages-booklet
*Over 18's
*Professional and expensive
*Infomation based

*Inform customers of the drinks on offer and there price
*Scales A4 squared off.

I Love Vodka- Revolution (Promotion)

Form and format
*Card (similiar to bank card)
*Lanyard and vouchers
*Privilage card

Product and range
*Discount card
*Range bring out one every year

Media and processes
*Print process - Rotogravure
*Vouchers - Perferated litho printed
*Die cut - hole for the lanyard

Audience and interaction
*Over 18's
*Alcohol product
*tear the vouchers off
*Wear the lanyard

*Earn priviledges
*Offers on drinks and food
*Tone of voice-Inform light hearted

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