Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Books im researching

Alice in wonderland
Beatrix potter
Harry potter
Rohl dahl
Jaqueline Wilson
Enid blighton
Snow white
Little red riding hood
Fairy tales
Nursery rhymes
Treasure island
Wind in the willows
Chronicles of narnia
Wizard of oz
Jungle book
Peter pan
Winnie the pooh
Secret garden
The tiger who came to tea
The cat in the hat
Shirley hughes
Charlottes web
Quentin blake
Paddington bear
Black beauty

These are the book/stories i would like to research and select my top ten from. they all contain animals and are parts of my childhood things that i remember so therefore i think my target audience will be people of 20 years to 25years the program will be about the stories and highlights of what happened in the books films and brief interviews with author and illustrators.

What im thinking in terms of animating:
I want my animation just solely to be line drawings on a textured background old style stop motion images not a smooth fluid lines. the camera will take control of the story and the characters will be doing things to there nature / as seen in stores and films. I think i dont want to include type for the time being and don't believe you need to have type yet as the characters are very well known. if i do want to include some i will be doing very script writing along with hand drawn type.

Choosing a channel: I hadnt really thought much about this process before the crit with lorraine i need a channel to put my program on and the channel identity will need to be shown on the idents in order for the viewer to know when where they can watch it. after having thinking about this i began to research into what programs feature on each of the channels BBC one drama news mainly ITV soaps BBC THREE wierd series light hearted fun programs CHANNEL 4 series box set drama comedy BBC TWO random premieres one off shows i think this is where my program is best placed not very large target audience quite specific.

Looking at type and hierarchy:

Initially i wanted just to work with image for this yet all title sequences have type on them somewhere wether it was name of director or name of the program. i need to decide what type i wish to use im thinking of using a calligraphy typeface possibly be able to animate it writing across the page.  Here are some ive been looking at :


After re-visiting my design context blog it seems to have opened so many doors for me and ive finally realsied what im meant to be achieving with this brief ive been so closed minded on thinking how much ive not done and how much i need to do!! when all along ive been over complicating things in my head im a designier with designers block why was a shutting out all the information that id already gathered!! ive been getting so worked up about after effects as im not very confident on software yet what the brief asks is nohing ive not learnt from the workshops with mike!! this is a title sequence not an amazing flawless animation i need to concentrate in the titles otherwise what was all the research for?? Everything from my tutorials and briefings with fred has finally sunk in i need now to work out how not to waste the work ive already developed and begin developing MORE!! How can i pull this back round?

  1. What will be in my titles? book names that will feature.. do i want to give this away as its a TOP TEN?? probably not so possibly the illustrators of the book the graphic designer whos created it (MWAH) ha 
  2. Think of a simple background...book pages?
  3. How to achieve handwritten type
  4. colour? what colours should i use as its quite a traditional piece creams n browns? ink splashes

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