Friday, 8 October 2010


After brainstoeming my idea for a week now we had a seminar with lorenzo and he pointed out that we need to know why we think our ideas are good and what were doing it for have we concidered the tone in which we want to take the sunject who are we doing it for?....All these questions need answering so we are clear on what were designing it seems easy to know this yet i had completley put it to the back of my mind and got carried away being excited about the designing of the product the arty bit! Lorenzo pointed out this was the easy part of graphic design i needed to clear up what i was doing this for!

IS: Delecatesants with tea rooms
WHY: Aura of the room expense/quality
HOW: Brand a tea room, posters, origami ,bags for life, stickers for products, grease proof paper, cake boxes, ribbon
WHAT: Feeling of luxary lifestyle
TARGET: young adults 18-26
TONE OF: Light hearted promotion

We got into small groups to discuss what we had came up with i was with charlotte and arthur after expalining that i wanted to promote the aura that you recieve from a vintage tea room and i wanted to try and get more people in yes paying more yet for the experience and aura. ITS WORTH IT! My initial idea was to make my own tea room to promote and my target audience being middle age women who have the funds to have this expensive lifestyle! Arthur suggested rebranding an existing shop. I have since decided on Greggs it is a delicatesants and also sells tea and coffee yet has a cheap vibe and awful logo! My target audience would be students and letting them have a luxary lifestyle at a cheap affordable price!

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