Friday, 8 October 2010

10 good things

Today in Lorenzos session he taught us a new wway to look at what were were researching. I was looking at the subject in a narrow view looking at what was good about my "GOOD" we got into groups of five and were asked each to write down a ne set of good things thinking outside the box and not playing it safe anything which we found that we liked or felt good even.

My 10 things
*Asda curry-tikka masala *Un-made bed *Clean pajamas after a bath *Giving hugs feeling the love! *Sneezing *Baked beans (branston) *Waking up on christmas day *Make-up *Fleecey blankets *Singing and dancing when know ones looking!

We then as a group decided on 10 which everyone agreed with and swaped with another group. pointed out the bad things of these problems! which was interesting as we found looking at our good as a metaphor for further exploration

What was our good? good for who? bad things? Analaysing what im saying, Humour? Tone of voice? Target audience?


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