Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Throughout this module I have learnt that when designing for digital media time management is essential as files can easily be lost and not backed up, Also certain things that you think will take 20 mins soon turn into 3 hours sat at the computer. I have learnt a lot during this module on After Effects and would never have thought i would be able to produce the standard of work that I did. I incorporated hand drawn illustration into my Title Sequence and idents as a way of breaking the all digital module and i enjoyed this and would deffinatly practice this more as i developed a really nice style. Research for this module was mainly video and channel research which was a change from static imagery and I began to ask myself how have they achieved what they had and experimented with my own animation techniques. At first I struggled to see that it was design for screen and lost sight of how important hierachy of type was and layout. I produced all my animation characters before i realised that were out of the title safe and action safe ! which i have amended accordingly. As we didnt have any paper based assets other than my illustrations I have felt that i dont have any back up work yet I have done screen grabs and storyboards. I like the fact that there are so many restraints to do with after effects yet you have so much creative control also. I have chosen to make my illustrations not move smoothly as i was revisiting old story books i wanted a stop motion feel to the characters rather than a smooth running digitally coloured piece. There are many weaknesses within my final pieces which i have noted during the end of the brief i am very disappointed with the quality of my packaging and silly mistakes I have made that just are not acceptable for a Graphic Designer and will be reproducing this until I am satisfied. I spent too much time trying to perfect the idents and the title sequence and left the packaging if my time management was better I would have been able to test the designs out a range of times. I have decided if I put the same amount of time at the start of the brief as I do at the end I may be able to get more done efficiently.
The things which I will do differently next time are 1.Start the brief as soon as I get it, get really stuck in. 2. Dont lose sight of the brief 3. get designing as soon as possible 3. organise a time for blog posting! 4. All files used keep organised. 5. Spend more time on packaging ( crafting) to perfect it otherwise do no justice for all the design work.

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