Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I loved this project it was soo different from anything ive ever done before related to a brief anyway! I partnered up with Kimberly Sanford to do this we went shopping for cake ingredients we had played around with ideas of what we wanted to achieve but nothing was set in stone yet! once back at the flat we were set with a tricky problem NO SCALES! so i then researched on the internet to find a recipe that dealt with the measurements in cups! which went on to proove useful as they seemed to turn out gorgeous! We made a chocolate orange cake inspired by terrys! we was going to go on making a word something along the lines of yummy yet decided not to it was a little bit corny!! so went with a well crafted letter G. we were amazed with the outcome yet disappointed as our cake was all about the taste and when at uni they didn't even try it!! NOT IMPRESSED.

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