Sunday, 22 November 2009

No news is good news!

I received a brief which required me to get a newspaper from saturday 17th October and to pick an article from this which gave interest to me, i chose an article about a lipgloss which could test if you had had a drink spiked with a date rape drug. Initially i thought this would be a very interesting subject to begin with as I researched into this subject further I soon discovered there were floors in the advertisement they had made it seem as if u could discretely drip the lip gloss into the glass and then if the tip turned blue your drink had a date rape drug into it. Yet this was not the case you got test strips in the box with the lipgloss that tested for drugs you only got 5 and this wouldn't be worth the £9.99 that they were asking for the lipgloss in the first place. I went with the idea of the commercial lipgloss and made 3 posters yet they didn't work out as well as i thought so i limited the idea down to date rape alone and concentrated on this and re did the posters as i had already got statistics for the amount that accounted over the years.

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