Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Today at the crit:

Evaluating others work has really made me think about my project and what im need to do in order to for fill the brief.

Things i need to address: Target audience, the channel i want to put the program on and the type of audience that watch it, Considerations into hierarchy  of type and how i use the camera angle to portray a message or a sense of aura, style of illustrations does it fit with my criteria?, how i use audio do i animate the characters to the sound track.

What i need to before begin to animate: 1.Prepare all images in photoshop/illustrator 2. create a background (tea stained burnt etc) 3. put animated sections onto different layers 4. Lots of detailed story boards 5. think about how i want it to flow from image to image 6. Think about little things which can make a difference E.G leaves on a tree which can fly off etc

Progress crit with lorraine:
 Today tuesday 1st had a crit with lorraine we outlined what i was missing in terms of the work i would need t complete in order to pass this module of the course she was so helpfull and understanding of what i was finding difficult in terms of animation i didnt have anything to show her as i am doing an illustration title sequence i needed to gather all the illustrations before starting. After the crit I found that i have been struggling to get my head around design for screen and just been drawing illustrations when i should have been thinking about how im going to make them move and if in fact this is necessary to get the information across to the audience what the " program would be about". We discussed what my target audience was going to be and if the animal stories id selected would be appropriate for this brief! for example bambi story is typically different from the disney film and in fact its quite distressing as a story as is jungle book. Who will be interested in watching my program people who are interested in illustration / people who read them type of stories. After discussing these factors i want to keep the anamation quite simple in colour and design.

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